4th Kish mowj International Film Festival

   is held in the following two sections:

  • A) "Short Film"
  • Subject: Travel and tourism
  • Special look: the sea
  • B) "Short screenplay" only for Iranian screenwriters

    A: Short film 

  1. Travel and tourism

  • All films (documentaries and fiction) with the theme of travel and tourism that try to show the attractions and tourism capabilities of different regions of Iran and the world, can participate in this festival by observing the principles of aesthetics. The main subject of these films can include the following:
  • Ethnic, regional cultures, celebrations, customs of different regions of Iran and other countries of the world
  • Historical and religious buildings and monuments
  • Landscapes and nature of cities and villages
  • Ethnography of the tribes of Iran and the world
  • Travel and what is around it

  2 - Special view: the sea

  • The sea, lakes and beaches, as one of the tourist attractions and capacities, can be a suitable platform for short film production; A bed that is not limited to the use of location and the sea has a dramatic and pivotal function in the film.
  • All productions with this purpose and function can be presented in this section in the form of stories and documentaries.